Complex Fairy-Tale Therapy Centre

It's time to rest, you haven't rested like this ever before...

«The time to relax is when you don’t have time for it.»

Sydney J. Harris

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Complex Fairy-Tale Therapy Centre
It’s time to rest, you haven’t rested like this ever before…

About the centreRegistration

«The time to relax is when you don’t have time for it.»

Sydney J. Harris

We welcome you at our Centre!

Mission of our Complex Therapy Centre

New anti-stress and health rehabilitation programs are available.

We are now open and ready, to present you a full value rest, teach you how to relax qualitatively, fully and with the benefit to your body.

We have created and would like to offer You various programs aimed at: children’s health, adult’s health and healthy sleep patterns.

Our services

Prevention of stress, chronic fatigue and prostration.

Recovery, strengthening the emotional and psychological state in adults, teenagers and children.

Practices, aimed at teaching high-quality and complete rest and relaxation.

Psychologist and Fairy-tale therapist

We´re working on the following issues

Enuresis, hyperactivity, aggressiveness, fears, anxiety, self-doubt, increased irritability, sleep disturbance.


Our services

Please, choose the program and register Your sessions.
NB! On the 17th of each month we have a Lullaby Bed DAY.

During the day all sessions cost 17€!

Anti-stress program “Bliss and Peace”

“The beginning of the Path to Health”

Children 3+
“Healthy child”

Children 4+: Enuresis,
the program
“Visiting the bladder”

“Rest for tired Moms”

Consultations of a Psychologist and a Fairy-tale Therapist

Sand therapy

Let’s talk about nutrition



What is a comprehensive Fairy-Tale therapy?

It is combined with eco, bio and nano technology.

ECO – because it is environmentally friendly: it does not harm either the psyche, or the soul, or the mind, or the heart. As a rule, there is no allergy to this method.

BIO – because there is nothing artificial in it, only natural components: kind words, beautiful metaphors, pure life meanings.

NANO – because it penetrates deeply into the heart, the consciousness, the subconscious and even the soul, performing purification work there and then filling the inner space of a person with the light of pure sacral information.

Fairy- Tale therapy is a delicate, organic to human’s natural processes of activating resources and release the potential of individual.

The task of the Fairy-Tale therapist is to help the person find an acceptablesolution for himselfwith emerged task before him, without edification, false promises and luring in empty dreams.

We are glad to welcome you at LullaBed Centre!